Keen And Delightful Summer Ideas For Keeping You Fit

We do not find Ice cream on most of the diet plans however that does not necessarily mean you have to be a prey to your longings. Have a look on these yummy and healthy substitutes. For this summer, if you want to shed pounds, it is required that you are focusing really deeply to the whole thing that you get into your mouth. That implies to all the sundaes, popsicles and ice creams.

Below mentioned are a few of the finest delightful selections for the months of hot summer.

  1. Milkshakes Made at Home

If you crave for a milkshake, get ease in understanding that you can get ready a healthy type of this also. Simply, you will need to combine together protein powder (one scoop), almond milk that contains no sugar, some yogurt (reduced-fat, low sugar), plus any kind of frozen berries you wish to add. Complement it with the secret component – quarter tea spoon of xanthan gum. This is a coagulating substance that will create the taste of a smoothie just as of an actual milk shake while also providing it a quite richer taste and texture.

  1. Chill and refreshing Frozen Grapes

In case you are looking for something equable, you cannot go wide of the mark with some frozen grapes. Relatively, these are low in calories, also, as they require quite a long time for consumption, this also aids keeping down your overall energy depletion.

Procedure: Just rinse off and dry some grapes without seeds and after it keeps them in a Tupperware box in the freezer. Let them sit for five hours or an entire night and afterward consume them as preferred.

  1. Popsicles made with Banana

You can simply do the same tactic with bananas in place of grapes (if you do not like them at all). Just remove the peel of the banana and then seal it with a covering of reduced fat Greek yogurt. Drizzle over with some crushed nuts over the top and afterward, for a few hours, keep it in the freezer. Take out and serve. It will be just like your own ice cream– simply with having no calories and fat.

  1. Protein Ice Cream

In case you want to show some creativity, you can also go for making some protein ice cream. If you buy a real ice cream maker, you can prepare ice cream that tastes quite as like the actual thing. Otherwise, if you do not wish to purchase the machine, simply, you can prepare it yourself in the freezer.

Procedure: Combine together one scoop of protein powder with ½ cup of almond milk that is unsweetened or coconut milk (if you wish a higher fat, richer tasting delight) afterward any fruit in mashed form, pieces of dark chocolate or nuts as wished. Keep this blend in an ice cream maker and make it.

Alternate: Otherwise, keep it in a Tupperware bowl in the refrigerator, mixing it every half an hour until set.


One of the most liked, eaten by all, enjoyed by friends and family. Smoked meat, juicy ribs, mouth watering steaks, sweet and tangy sauces and one of the most glorious food the BBQ. BBQ’s are enjoyed in almost every part of this world, and many countries have special festivals or special days on which all people hold BBQ everywhere. It’s a perfect tweak for sun-soaked summer evenings, but poor food choices can be a threat to health. So enjoy yourself eating without gaining extra weight and unhealthy fat.

Low-calories Marinades and sauces:

To add a little flavor to your BBQ many different sauces are used with it, they come in many flavors, but store bought BBQ sauces and pre- made marinades are usually loaded with excess fat and sugar, which are not good, and you can gain weight easily. So simple solution is that make these marinades yourself at home like using the simple combinations of Worcestershire sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce and molasses and spices of your own choice. And for your sauces craft your own exciting expertise with fewer calories and no sugar.

Grilled vegetables:

A healthy portion of the rich green vegetables are easily ignored, these vegetables can give our barbecues a healthy punch. Vegetables like eggplant, mushrooms, corn, onion, asparagus, and zucchini provide high levels of nutrients on the grill and are best alternatives of fries, mash potatoes. People usually eat potatoes fries with the barbecue and with the combination of grilled meat it will become a really unhealthy meal for you, so it is best to add green vegetables.

Lean meat:

Without red meat, barbecue is not possible, and the choice of meat is really important like don’t take the meat which has too much fat on it as meat has a high content of fat in it. Choosing lean meat can be really healthy you can enjoy your barbecue without worry of too much fat intake. So when you are buying meat for your barbecue choose which one has almost no fat on it and if you see any piece of fat try to cut it off before taking it on the grill.

Fruits for dessert:

After every special meal dessert is the main attraction for us but in the case of barbecues do not try to eat a piece of cake, pastries or any baked items after eating such a heavy meal. They will add so much more calories and weight to your body just simply go for fruits like strawberries, pineapples or whatever you like. These will increase the intake of the vitamin in your body which are vital for the body.

No beer just water:

Do not drink beer after your barbecue as they contain high calories so simply try to consume more water and if you can’t resist beer after that try to Drink 12 ounces of water after every beverage you have. This will keep your body hydrated.

Enjoy the BBQ and make it a healthy meal by following methods that we have discussed in this article.

To decorate your body – To indulge in body love

There are many diverse kinds of people in the world that do different sort of things to love their body. Body love if not present by itself, then to have it, some people do extraordinary things to involve in bodily love. Body is the precious gift of God, and this gift could be made more pretty by decorating it through different means.

Why people decorate their body?

People have been decorating their bodies from ages. Some of them do decorate their bodies to have a sense of attraction, and some did so to show their belonging to certain tribe or area, as some Africans do so. Some of them do so to represent their inner selves, inner personality, thoughts and feelings, interests, and life goals.

What are the ways of body-decoration used by women around the world?

Body decoration involves many unusual ways which fit according to different cultures in which they are most commonly practiced and used. Some of them are mentioned in the following paragraph:

  • Some women in Africa do decorate their lips and ears with plates and make them look bigger and hanging. They do so because this is their sense of looking attractive and beautiful and this also shows their belonging to a certain tribe.
  • Similarly, women of Paduang tribe put metal rings around their neck to elongate it and thus called “giraffe women.” This putting of metal rings around the neck is due to the reason that they want to look attractive and beautiful and it is also because they love their body as decorated in this way.
  • In Asia, some women do color their teeth to enhance their body and to render themselves to more lovable beings thus this helps them to love their body and feel good in their bodily looks.
  • In some cultures, the henna application is also considered as beauty marker, and women do apply henna on their hands, feet, arms, belly and any other body part to make it more charismatic.
  • In the same way, some of the women do put braces on their teeth to change their teeth’s shape and to make them look more alluring.
  • In Europe, tattoos are most commonly used as a means to decorate one’s body, and these tattoos are made for hiding any sort of body damage, to reclaim the skin damage, to remind about something positive, and most importantly these tattoos are used for looking more captivating.
  • Makeup industry has outreached at a climax, and this is only because of the reason that women do want to look sexy, enchanting, charming, charismatic and irresistible. Through applying makeup, most of the women do look stunning, and it proliferates their natural beauty making them more acceptable.
  • Nail paint or nail polish is another way to decorates one’s body to increase self-bodily-love. Nail paint is a way to enhance the natural beauty of nails of hand and feet thus enhancing the beauty of hands and feet overall.
  • Experimenting different hair colors is also a way to increase body-love. Through having a new haircut, or changing the color of hairs by dying them with different colorful dyes helps to look more pretty and it do impact the overall looks of a woman thus boosting her confidence and to spiral up her body-love

These are some of the methods which are used by women to increase their beauty. Some of them are purely culture-specific and may look awkward to other culture and society members, but they seem to be fit for the members of that particular culture. Overall, these all methods are adapted by women to look beautiful and to increase their self-body-love.

Know The Secret By A Celeb For A Big Fat Loss

Weight gain is one of the most common problems that affect everyone; either he/she is a common person or a celebrity. There are many people who think that their battle with the stubborn fat of their body is never ending because they are tired of the fake promises of the different types of weight loss products and not so realize the results of exercises. However, there are a number of people who are afraid of the side effects of the weight loss methods which are available to them. They are in search of the solution which does not cause any kind of side effects. Melissa McCarthy is a popular actress and TV celebrity who has got a win over her overweight. People got amused when the actress returned back on the screen with the apparently slim looks.  Her fans were excited to know about her secret that enabled her to lose near about 45 pounds.

Speedy weight loss by Melissa

In the beginning of her career, she made no remarks for the weight loss and she was quite comfortable in her fatty and overweight body. She really had no plans to shed off extra fat from her body. But, an incident changed her life completely. Something sparked an idea in her mind to lose her weight to live a healthy life. Melissa started using a revolutionary fat burning supplement named as Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract to shed off her weight. This weight loss supplement is in the form of weight loss pills and basically a protein supplement. This product has helped her greatly in losing 45 pounds within few months hence recognized as the Melissa McCarthy diet pills.

Eating for comfort, fear of failure, lack of motivation, unwillingness and a sluggish metabolism are the most common factors that lead to increase in weight and prevent you from getting control over increasing weight. These are also the demons which plagued the actress Melissa McCarthy, until she found a natural supplement for weight loss i.e. Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract.

It’s a truth not a scam

Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract weight loss supplement is a truth. There are many people who consider this type of miraculous weight loss product as scam. After trying several weight loss products, Melissa thought of trying this weight product on the recommendation by her friend who has been able to achieve the spectacular results of weight loss after consuming this supplement. If you doubt about anything about this product, then you can check out the reviews about this products on the internet to know its effectiveness. Such weight loss products are completely safe to consume as they constitute all the natural and herbal ingredients for weight loss.

Working of the Supplement used by Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy weight loss pills constitute the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid which helps in increasing the fat burning capacity of the body by stimulating the metabolism of the body. It simply blocks the formation of enzyme in your body which is responsible for increasing fat in your body and also makes you feel less hungry so that you consume fewer calories.