One of the most liked, eaten by all, enjoyed by friends and family. Smoked meat, juicy ribs, mouth watering steaks, sweet and tangy sauces and one of the most glorious food the BBQ. BBQ’s are enjoyed in almost every part of this world, and many countries have special festivals or special days on which all people hold BBQ everywhere. It’s a perfect tweak for sun-soaked summer evenings, but poor food choices can be a threat to health. So enjoy yourself eating without gaining extra weight and unhealthy fat.

Low-calories Marinades and sauces:

To add a little flavor to your BBQ many different sauces are used with it, they come in many flavors, but store bought BBQ sauces and pre- made marinades are usually loaded with excess fat and sugar, which are not good, and you can gain weight easily. So simple solution is that make these marinades yourself at home like using the simple combinations of Worcestershire sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce and molasses and spices of your own choice. And for your sauces craft your own exciting expertise with fewer calories and no sugar.

Grilled vegetables:

A healthy portion of the rich green vegetables are easily ignored, these vegetables can give our barbecues a healthy punch. Vegetables like eggplant, mushrooms, corn, onion, asparagus, and zucchini provide high levels of nutrients on the grill and are best alternatives of fries, mash potatoes. People usually eat potatoes fries with the barbecue and with the combination of grilled meat it will become a really unhealthy meal for you, so it is best to add green vegetables.

Lean meat:

Without red meat, barbecue is not possible, and the choice of meat is really important like don’t take the meat which has too much fat on it as meat has a high content of fat in it. Choosing lean meat can be really healthy you can enjoy your barbecue without worry of too much fat intake. So when you are buying meat for your barbecue choose which one has almost no fat on it and if you see any piece of fat try to cut it off before taking it on the grill.

Fruits for dessert:

After every special meal dessert is the main attraction for us but in the case of barbecues do not try to eat a piece of cake, pastries or any baked items after eating such a heavy meal. They will add so much more calories and weight to your body just simply go for fruits like strawberries, pineapples or whatever you like. These will increase the intake of the vitamin in your body which are vital for the body.

No beer just water:

Do not drink beer after your barbecue as they contain high calories so simply try to consume more water and if you can’t resist beer after that try to Drink 12 ounces of water after every beverage you have. This will keep your body hydrated.

Enjoy the BBQ and make it a healthy meal by following methods that we have discussed in this article.